Undiagnosed Chronic Fatigue

by Alyssa Hutchinson
(Farmington, PA, USA)

Hello. I have chronic fatigue. I have consulted a general practioner and undergone multiple blood tests, with no results. The closest I have come to any kind of diagnosis was a hair analysis, done over two years ago. It said that my body is in a state of complete exhaustion; that my calcium level is extremely high; that most of my other levels are below normal; that my immune system is under-functioning. As suggested, I have cut down on my physical activity considerably, to promote healing. This has reduced but not eliminated my muscle fatigue and soreness. I have also gotten on a better diet, which excludes most processed and high-carb foods. I tried custom-arranged supplements at first, but then replaced those with a simple multi-vitamin. I have not seen any improvement at all since making these changes. I want to know what this is that I have and what I can do to resolve it. Thank you for your time.