taking natural and rx medicines

by Paula
(New Roads Louisianan)

This is a list of medicines I take:
1. D3 5000 IU I have low Vit D
2. Biotin 1000 mcg I take for hair and nails
3. Lepidium meyenii 1000 mg for harmone balance
4. Tonalin Safflower oil 2000 mg for high triglycerids
5. Lovaza fish oil
6. Womens energy and metabolism vitamin
7. cymbalta 60 for depression
8. bystolic 5mg for heart rate
9. crestor 10mg for cholesterol
10. baby asprin
11. metformin er 1000mg for insulin resistance

I am a 48 year old female and want to make sure these supplements are ok to take with my regular rx’s