Sudden, unexplained symptom

by Julia
(Parker, CO)

Hi there,

My husband is having a sudden health issue that is rather baffling. A summary of him:

– 31yrs old, 5ft 10 and 158lbs
– Extremely healthy, no issues, no medications
– No allergies, nothing currently ongoing
– We are both vegetarians, him for over a year now
– We include a lot of raw foods in our diet
– We take subligual B12 twice a week (5000)

His diet: Extremely healthy, no processed sugars or refined carbs, lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies (we try to juice fresh veggies ever morning and have fruit smoothies with cranberries, cherries, pineapple, blueberries, etc. mixed with sproutien plant protein or sprout blends with 34g protein), cheese, eggs, black beans, black rice… generally extremely healthy.

He has always been a person to take a mid-day nap at around 4pm for about an hour. But all of a sudden, one month ago, he has suddenly become very tired in the late afternoon BUT it was accompanied by mental fog/confusion, talking more slowly and exaggerated (like someone who is extremely tired or who has had too much to drink). The first time this happened I was shocked and said “what are you talking about, do you know you’ve totally contradicted yourself 5 times in 2 mins?? have you been drinking???” He looked at me thoroughly confused and said he was really tired. It happened again 2 days later. It was very bizarre. He is completely unaware he is like this, but does recognize he is really tired. The 3rd time it happened, I asked him how he “felt” and he said he just feels like he really needs a nap.

This is sporadic – perhaps 5 times in 1 month. I feel in some way, shape or form this could be diet related. Perhaps lack of protein. We switched the diet around and had a big plant-based protein shake in the morning, whole grain cheese sandwich for lunch, chips with hummus, etc. For over a week no symptoms at all. Yesterday he had quite a few leek and potato fritters I made and 2 hours later, it happened again. What is odd is that its not his normal fatigue where he needs to take a nap and be just fine. He pretty much goes to sleep and needs to sleep an entire night – if I try to wake him up after an hour or two, he is still extremely tired and isn’t much better until he sleeps through the night.

This never seems to happen before 4-5pm, it’s always later in the day. I’m totally stumped. He went to his doctor who seems to think it could be deficiency of some kind, and he is scheduled for a physical next Tuesday where his blood will be drawn. But meanwhile I am trying to figure out what it can be, as I’m losing sleep over this. He is concerned but not very much, because it’s not as obvious to him. What IS obvious is that he is more tired than he normally is.

Can I please have an opinion? We are both very holistic in our approach to eating and healthcare and would like an answer from someone who approaches healthcare holistically.

Thank you so much…