A Good Way to Learn Holistic Health

I am excited to help you learn holistic health and how to take care of your health holistically.  It is truly a pleasure and an honor. Let me give you a little background on me so you can clearly understand why I am making this information available and why I think it is critical for you to learn.

What do you do when you get sick? If you are like most people you have two options. Watch, wait, and how it gets better. Or go to a doctor to see if they can fix you. When these two options don’t work many people simply go to google and type in their symptoms.  While this will give you information it is too much information and then you are overwhelmed.  The answers are conflicting and sometimes give you anxiety about what could be going wrong with you. What you need is something to guide you and better understand the process that are creating the symptoms so you can get better.   I believe we as a society are overly dependent on the medical system. This dependence stems from a lack of awareness and

Holistic health practitioner mountain biking

Me getting ready to descend Mount Lemon in Tucson AZ

disconnection from our body and health.  With this in mind I created this place to help you build awareness about the fundamentals of how your body and health work.

So in this site you will be given practical, simple, and effective solutions so you can get a better handle on what creates health and what creates dysfunction. These are holistic health principals crafted into holistic solutions. Every day I see and hear about people that could have improved their health using these principals.  These principals could help you reduce or eliminate your chronic health problems. Giving more people access to this information is our number one goal.

How You Learn Holistic Health

We start with what you already know and expand upon it.  Some people may have more knowledge about their digestion or heart health based on their experiences. The main approach is to allow you to understand based on your own experiences. Even if you have no medical knowledge at all you will be able to understand.

For prevention to occur you need to develop your awareness of early signs or symptoms of a potential problems in your system. It is this awareness that that will drive your actions. Prevention is action oriented but you have to know which actions to take. You may have knowledge of your health already but this site will give you the details you need to make a real difference.


My Bio Details:

Private practice with Dr Christy Cline Southwest Integrative Medicine 2007-current

Medical director at The River Source: Drug and alcohol treatment center 2011-2014

Bastyr University (medical school) 2001- 2006.

Wu Hsing Dao Acupuncture School 2004-2007

Wilderness Awareness School 2003-2003

With all this education and experience in health and awareness I often take the things I know for granted. Not only how things work in their body, but simple things like:

  • What foods to avoid and to eat when you are sick with cold or flu
  • What activities are contributing to your anxiety, depression, or emotional instability
  • What foods contribute to gas, bloating, pain indigestion
  • Why your weight loss is stagnant

My background knowledge and experiences have created this awareness and I want to share it with you. By guiding you along an exploration of the body, mind, and spirit you will begin to build a similar health awareness one experience at a time. As these background and experiences build your health will improve too.

This site is designed to help you learn holistic health.  Most people have the belief that their health is too complex to understand, but this is simply not true. Your health is inside you and only you can truly know and master it. While you may not have the scientific background to understand your health like a doctor, you have something far more important. You have the direct experience with your body, your emotions, your digestion, and all the aspects of your health

Join me in the next section as we look more specifically at the importance of connecting the human body systems to your health.