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If you truly want to learn holistic health you have to know and understand your health from a holistic perspective.  It takes curiosity and thinking about your health through a distinct lens. When you use this process you will discover yourself and your body in a new way. This discovery process is important because it allows us to understand the interconnections of the mind, body, and spirit. The better you understand these connections the easier it will be to identify and treat any ailments and problems that occur.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that learning about holistic health is simply using herbs and natural cures to treat things diagnosed with western medicine.  While this may be true on the surface, the real medicine and wizardry of “holistic” for me and many holistic health practitioners, is to understand the process. The process occurring in your body to get your to it’s current state.

When I am with a patient in my office I want to really understand the reasons their system is malfunctioning, the reasons the symptoms exist, the reasons you don’t feel well, etc. The herbs, medicine, hormones, etc the vehicle by which we re-establish health, yes. However if we apply them in the same way we would use a medication without addressing the underlying problem we only cover up the symptoms.

This is true no matter how natural it is. To do this it takes more time, more listening, and more diligence and real detective work. When you do this however, real magic happens, real healing and discovery.  This is where you come in. The better you understand how the systems in your body work and how they are connected to one another, the easier the detective work becomes.

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Understanding The Connections

The connections I am referring to are really not connections per-say. The artificial separation is created by our limited model of medicine and how the body works. For instance in medical school we learn and hear about all the systems separately. The immune system is different than the digestive system which is different than the cardiovascular system. Subsequently lay people learn and think about them separately too. Yet each of these supposed separate systems work together and depend on one another.  This is what we must keep in mind when we learn about holistic health.

A good example of the interconnections is how the digestive system depends on the immune system to identify any pathogens that try to enter into the body with the foods we consume. Another is that the digestive systems is needed to deliver nutrients to all the different systems in the body. Armed with this information we know that the digestive tract is a critical fulcrum for many other parts of the body.  You can only arrive at this conclusion by looking at the relationships. Understanding these two allow us to look at the digestive system when someone is chronically having immune system problems and many other supposedly separate and unrelated areas of medicine.

There are also connections like this between the body and mind,  and mind and spirit, etc.  For instance, when the body is not supplying the proper nutrients the mental issues can occur in the mind such as depression, anxiety, poor focus, etc.

These connection will become more clear as you make your way through the site.  We welcome your questions, recommendations, and comments.  Please submit in the ask doctor section, contact us, or the comments in the blog.

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