Discover Your Health Strength and Weaknesses

This test is designed to help you identify where your health strengths and weaknesses lie. By answering these health related questions you will be identifying the particular areas of your health that need improvement. The end result will be a greater awareness of your health starting point. The answers to these questions are not directly available but can be discovered by following the information in this site.

Most of us come from the mindset that our health is outside our realm of understanding, but this is simply not true. Your health is inside you and while you may not have the educational background to understand yourDiscovering your health strengths and weaknesses health like a doctor, you have something far more important. You have your direct experience with your body, your emotions, your digestion, and all other aspects of your health. The first part of knowing your health is identifying your health strengths and weaknesses. This test will help you do that. From there you can make improvements in the weak areas and over time lead to holistic health. I should let you know, this test is going to take more than 10-15 minutes. You will need more like 60 minutes, maybe more. But what’s a little time when considering the longevity that will inevitably ensure from this awareness. So cozy up to a nice cup of herbal tea and get ready to unlock your health secrets.

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