The Best Weight Loss Vitamins

We tend to see two main categories of people looking for a weight loss vitamin or weight loss support. The first would be those that have struggled with their weight their whole life and cannot seems to loose weight or maintain a healthy weight no matter what they eat or how much exercise they do. It should be noted that there are different types of people in this category as well. This person may have an underlying endocrine issue and should look at hormone imbalances as a possible cause for their weight loss struggles.


The second type of person looking for a weight loss vitamin would be those that are all the sudden gaining weight and can’t seem to do enough to get it off. These are the people that are struggling all the weight loss vitaminssudden. In general this is a problem with acquired metabolism issue. In this scenario the aging process changes the body composition which replaces muscle with fat leaving the person less metabolically active. By the time they figure out they can’t maintain their weight, it is almost too late. It is a real struggle to reverse the process but not impossible. The best thing for this reversal is focusing on resistance exercise. Eating and diet are a huge aspect of weight loss too and no one aspect is more important than another (diet, exercise, and hormones).  With all the above stated there are a few weight loss vitamins or supplements that can aid and promote more weight loss.


Weight Loss Vitamins to Aid Weight Loss

I consider these the best weight loss vitamins for one of 3 reasons. They have a proven track record to work, their is research supporting their use, they have a known mechanism of action that supports weight loss.

Lets look at each one individually, how they work and some of the evidence to support their use.

  • L-Carnitine- This is an amino acid that helps the body utilize fatty acids for fuel inside the mitochondria. Some research suggest an increase in muscle output when on patients were taking L-carnitine which would lead to weight loss.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid- Is a fat found in milk that helps the body utilize stored fats. This is one of the most researched weight loss vitamins and has the most positive evidence supporting its use for weight loss.
  • B12- The weight loss effects of vitamin b12 are thought to be related to it’s ability to improve energy and mood. While it is not directly metabolically active it is connect to many pathways that are.
  • Green Tea- Subjects consuming Oolong tea with green tea had a significant reduction in body mass, fat mass, and waist circumference.
  • Chromium- Chromium is a key aspect of the insulin receptor and can be key to improving insulin sensitivity. If you have issues with your blood sugar this could help you use your calories more efficiently and prevent hunger. It has not been shown to reduce weight directly.

There are a few other herbs and supplements that could be considered weight loss vitamins like:

  • Vitamin D
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Raspberry Keytone

These have not been used for weight loss as long as the above or do not have as much research supporting their use. I have seen all of the above be useful in weight loss but without solving the actual issues they will have limited effect to support your weight loss goals.

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