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Just a quick note on this process….. I will not be able to give specific diagnosis and treatment strategies over this forum but I can answer questions and give general health coaching advice.

I want to help you better understand your health. Why? Because that is what I do, help people like you improve their health.

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RUQ pain (long read)
I am 23 year old male, otherwise healthy, non smoker (use an electronic cigarette).

My longest standing symptom is RUQ pain that started October 2011, …

what can cause an abnormally fast metabolism
I seem to have a very very fast metabolism. What can cause this and is there any problem with it?

I am 26 years old and I have had to eat more than …

seroquel 2 weeks, made my breast, face, butt grow bigger, i stopped taking them, for 2 months body was going down, but now its getting bigger again please …

taking natural and rx medicines
This is a list of medicines I take:
1. D3 5000 IU I have low Vit D
2. Biotin 1000 mcg I take for hair and nails
3. Lepidium meyenii 1000 mg for harmone …

UnDiagnosed Chronic Fatigue
Hello. I have chronic fatigue. I have consulted a general practioner and undergone multiple blood tests, with no results. The closest I have come to any …

Sudden, unexplained symptom
Hi there,

My husband is having a sudden health issue that is rather baffling. A summary of him:

– 31yrs old, 5ft 10 and 158lbs
– Extremely healthy, …